8th Grade Future Cities

This year's topic is Fuel Your Future: Meet energy needs + maintain a healthy planet.
Let's get started! visit the Step-By-Step Guide

You are working as a team so you will all need to take on roles and communicate with each other to get the workload done.
Before you do anything - name your city.  Read the theme for this year's topic.  What Latin words do you know for water, air or wind?  Could these be useful words to create a name for your future city?  Remember to work as a team and put thought into naming your city because once it is named you cannot change it!
Upload the Medium city and begin (follow directions in the guide).

Your first mission is to design the city.  Be sure to check out the design rubric for the project.  Most importantly, BACK UP the City frequently!
The city is due Wed, 11/30/2011 - 1:00pm.

Research needs to broken up in the project so that everyone is working on some part of the research paper - the paper can be started once the city has been started.  There are lots of links in the Step-By-Step Guide.

The model can be started once the initial city layout is completed.  The team must collect recycled items to create the city.  The city must be to scale - accuracy is very important.  There needs to be moving parts, they can be battery operated by may not use electricity.

Finally, the city narrative displays your future city’s key features and design attributes. The purpose of it is to give a quick overview of the future city’s infrastructure and its public services.