We all love candy - but do we really know what we are eating?  The sweets we eat have lots of history an raise some interesting questions...

From the Ancient Maya to William Wrigley the tale of chicle is an important one.  You don't believe me?  I hate to burst your bubble.... In this mini unit we will learn about the location, climate and ecology of the rainforest, understand that many products come from the rainforest and the impact  products have on sustainability and the economy.

Essential Question:
How can carrying on the chicle trade can help save the rainforest?

'Chicle': A Chewy Story Of The Americas Listen to the story on NPR

The Gooey Tale - additional resources

Draw connections between ocean life and your own life. 

Do you like to chew gum?

Do you polish your shoes?

Do you use lotion on your hands?

Have you ever painted?

Have you ever used gum adhesives?

Did you brush your teeth today?

Did you drink chocolate milk this week?

Have you eaten ice cream this week?

Do you eat cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurts or puddings?

Do you drink soft drinks or fruit juices?

Do you eat caramels, marshmallows or gummi candy?

Have you eaten mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, French dressing or syrups?

Do you eat bread, cake, doughnuts, cookies or pies?

Have you ever eaten seaweed?


Explore how seaweed is used in many common food products. 

Read: The Gooey Tale of Gummies 







Find products with carageenan, agar agar or beta carotene.


Make a gummie mold. 




Learn about Mesoamerican history:  explore the history of chocolate both as a crop and as a food product - global trade, European history, and natural resources.


Read: Sweet Saga of Chocolate
Research about the region and history of Olmec/ Mayas using web quest resources  Mesoamerica
The First sports team: