Interactive Whiteboard Websites


Class Tools  This site has links to all of the "must have" tools - they are free, but are not full screen (you can always zoom your screen)

Edmodo * Fakebook * QR Game Generator * Arcade Game Generator * Random Name Picker * Countdown Timer * Twister * Keyword Checker * Plagiarizr * Dustbin Game * Telescopic Topic Fishbone (Ishikawa) * Venn Diagram * Timeline *  Hamburger * Learning Cycle  * Priority Chart * Source Analyzer * Class Dojo classroom management - reward badges and more - super easy

Interactive Sites for Education - Whiteboard links for grade K-5


Scholastic Interactive Whiteboard Activities IWB activities

ABC Ya!  A fun collection of tools arranged by K-5.

Mr. Nussbaums Site   Interactive curriculum based on the Common Core Standards

Triptico     Download the app for neat fridge magnets - perfect for the whiteboard.  There are also randomized student and group selections and more based on your saved lists.

TopMarks A huge collection of interactive resources from the UK.

FDLRS: Interactive Websites website links for any whiteboard.

Eduscapes IWB tools

Crick Web Interactives Primary and elementary web tools

Utah Education Network K-12 resources.

Discovery Ed: Interactives Some interesting interactive such as "Virtual volcano" 

Sheppard Software scroll down for curriculum support activities by grade level

MATH Resources

Mr. Nussbaum's Drag n Drop Math Many resources to use your whiteboard to visualize math and add your own problems

Math Playground math, logic and more

Illuminations by NCTM very comprehensive set of activities linked to standards

TesiBoard sorted by age - more IWB fun from the UK

What's my Angle? IWB protractors!

Smart Measurement links to more measurement tools

Smart Geometry more links to resources

Financial Football those who like football will love this site - exciting for the whole class - it is also available as a iPad app

Kids Numbers tons of skill specific practice games for elementary age


ReadWriteThink story map, plot diagram, cubes and many more interactives

Ambleside Primary literacy activities

Amazing Word Tamer take the class on a storytelling adventure

Into the Book resources to aid in reading comprehension

Spelling City make your own word lists and share with your students in a game

Literacy Center early readers and ESL

Starfall early literacy, ELL


Suceeding with Science Interesting site with navigation...some resources are IWB and some are pdf.

BP Science Skills Site has excellent excellent problem solving "missions" for students.

Engineering Interact Great inter actives and problem solving

Salmon Dissection save a frog - dissect a salmon

EdHeads investigate science concepts

Periodic Table interactive periodic table

Interactive Electron Microscope

Science Bites - BBC elementary interactives


States Puzzle simple IWB states and capitals

Underground Railroad

Lewis and Clark travel with Lewis and Clark

Our Own Timelines make any timeline also see a real simple one here

Unknown Mummy mystery

Map Maker Interactive map themes, data, and tools for customizing your map