Interesting TED Talks

I love TED Talks, some are very inspiring and some are a bit extreme.  I can remember going to a "tech" conference way back in the early 90s that preached about the "Information Age" right around the time when people had 14.4 Kbps modems (painfully slow) and hearing about the onslaught of information that we would not be able to even comprehend - so much information that we could not control it.  They were right.  We are at a point where so much information is available and it continues to grow exponentially and as the population will begin to near 9 billion before our children are adults.  Education is going global along with the workforce.  How will it change?  What will it look like?  There are many possibilities for the future.  The things that can separate us from the information, people from the data, is our ability to think, to be creative, to care and to explore.

Changing Education Paradigms

Learning Revolution

Can we learn from video games?

Is Education OUTDATED?...this is a bit extreme and unrealistic