Challenge Web Links

There are always new things to exlpore on the internet!  Below are some of my favorites.  Remember- You do not need to give out your email for these sites - - and don't forget to ask your parent for permission before going to new places.
Searching for a better search engine for your studies?  Try Google Scholar
Looking for an idea? a concept? a connection? try Wordle  - Browse historic photos to help you find what you need...  Very interesting site from the National Archives
Learn about Chicago history - Chicago Tribute or Encyclopedia of Chicago oeven archives and resources from the Chicago History Musuem!

Puzzles and Challenging Brain Boosters:

"Play Tricks on Your Eyes: Optical Illusions and More!" There are a lot of great links in this ite suggested by Amy in New York!

Illusions and Paradoxes: Seeing is Believing?

Brainboosters  - lateral thinking, number and math play, reasoning, spatial awareness, word and letter play

Luminosity - addresses speed, attention, concentration, flexibility, memory, and problem solving in fun games (note: some are free and some require membership)

Gamesforthebrain - quick memory and attention games and more

Brainist thinking, memory, strategy, concentration games, brain tests, optical illusions, riddle, puzzles, speed reading, learn a language, mind and body and trivia are all packed into this site - just watch out for the ads in the middle - most games are further down on the pages.

  • Funbrain - Sodoku is here - there are also many many arcade games to help with reading & math
  • Brain Games - name says it - -  lots of quick games: puzzles, strategy, music, memory and logic
  • Neuroscience for Kids - Really a great resource for learning about the brain.  There are many games and activities to learn more about your brain and even a few brain jokes: Why do neurons like e-mail?  They like to send and receive a lot of messages.


Flash laser game

Nobel Prize laser game

What is a laser?

NASA Light and Color


Physics Games - this has a great many fun trebuchet strategy games - storm the castle!

I miss the free Physics puzzles at Fantastic Contraptions

Build a minicity

Meltaway, Iceland minicity

STOP DISASTERS! wildfires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, are all here in a very exciting simulation that lets you control variables to prevent devastation!


Cosmology and Fibonacci video
Language Arts/Reference:
EPA Climate Change - Learn more!


Snowflake Creator

Express yourself!

Image Creator

Draw/Paint a picture and email it

Free pencil animation software - make movies or flash (vector graphics)

Fibonacci poems

Draw a Picasso with Mr. Picassohead

Architect Studio 3D 


Why Color Matters - find out



Music - Ken's Virtual Drumkit
Button Beats Make Music online. Play the Virtual Piano With Your Keyboard.
Toy Theater - Piano Puppet
ButtonBeats Techno Mixer
Welcome to SFSKIDS
Strange way to create music

Classics for Kids

The New York Philharmonic

The San Francisco Symphony

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Make your own music online

Typing Programs

Dance Mat Typing - lots of fun
Learn to Type - free and track your progress

Contests ( I think the elementary contest will open next year):

Siemens- you can change the world




Google Sites

Write and publish a book:

Practice typing first

Save the World! - Climate Change Resources


Free Poverty -- Geography Game - See how many cups of water you can donate by testing your knowledge about the world. Each correct answer means we will be donating 10 cups on your behalf. Good luck!

Free Rice -- Vocabulary Game - Play to end hunger.  Test your  vocabulary acumen and donate rice through the UN World Food Program.

EPA Environmental Kids Club Game Room - Games that will help you learn about the environment and have some fun at the same time.


Shakespeare for Kids

Virtual Tour of the Globe Theater


Moodle - I have used this - it is really great to use for online discussions and activities.

Voicethread an excellent way to share ideas and discuss using video or slides.  You can invite others to participate and add their thoughts.

Wordle - link concepts into a cool visual

Mystery link